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Field report - Bar Crawling

These are my thoughts and actions from last night. I recorded everything on my notepad and proceeded to get fucked up. Enjoy 

Tonight is my night. 
Approach:  If I see a hottie, I'm gonna grab her by the arm and pull her to me and speak into her ear.
Mindset: Goat
Goal: Get laid 

Pregaming. Listening to look at me by xxxtentacion. I love this song when I drink. 

Just touched down in downtown. Still taking shots. Plug may have something special for me. I'm looking for my good friend, Molly. 

Shots shots shots. Still drinking. It's 1046 pm. Listening to the weeknd birds pt 2. Trying to get a plate to send me a nude. She's mad because I'm going out. Goat 

Walking to the club. You're in for a treat. I'll try to remember to record my actions. Fuck with me. 

Met a homeless couple with a clean looking guy kid(no homo). Told them to pimp the kid(college money) and keep him clean so they can get some free money. Doubt they listened. 

Spoke to the bouncer. He said it's lit. I paid the five on his word. 

Grabbed a chick and told her todance with me. She did. I didn't get the number. 

Approached. Got danced on. Wouldn't leave with me to my spot. Next 

Grabbed one in the middle of pissy female friends. Got cock blocked lol 

Approached a group that was protecting a sexy one. Got her number. 

Approached another. Tried to get a kiss. Friend pulled her away mid make out. Que? 

Got a few numbers. Was trying to get one to follow me out the club. She seems to want it but wouldn't fokkow. Got a kiss but she disappeared 

Grabbed another. She came with family. I got her to my spot. Just a kiss. She jetted once I touched her pussy 

Got a number. Super hot. Very drunk. Wouldn't leave with me 

Very handsy. Don't remember how many I interactions. Got a lot of numbers. Still trying to get laid. 

Grabbed one. She danced. Wouldn't look at my face tried to isolate. Blocked by friends 

Approached a hottie. She asked my age. I didn't lie. she gave me her number anyway 

Hit on a chick. Got blocked by a female friend. Hit on the female friend. She ran away. Too sexy? Maybe

Hit on a female. She likes studs. I didn't believe her. She wasynt lying. Hit on her friend. The friend loves me. I want her too. How far can I take it 

Made out with the friend for a long while. Tried to isolate. Success. Tried to fuck. Rejected. Kept making out. Very sexy. Get the friend and lesbian to drive me to another party. Stayed with previous female. Still making out. No sex. Got my hand and mouth on tit though. 

Other party is over. Dropped me off at my whip. Night over going to sleep 

Woke up to one of my lady friends being angry that I "made her look stupid". There is no title. Shes entitled to nothing.

Chick from the club is texting me. She's in for a treat if she keeps it up. 


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