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NAWALT v. AWALT v. SWABTO v. Neither

There are some acronyms floating in the redpill-osphere (coined term). NAWALT, AWALT, SWABTO. I'm going to explain to you the mindset that I have and why.

NAWALT - stands for 'not all women are like that.' This mindset is the weakest of them all and is had by weak/uninitiated men. This mindset comes from the belief that there is some special unicorn out there that will be everything that you have ever wanted. It also comes from the belief that the woman that ripped your heart out is just one bad apple out of millions. Hope is good, but placing your hope in women to be everything that you're looking for is incorrect. Don't do this.

AWALT - stands for 'all women are like that.' This mindset is decidedly stronger than NAWALT , but reeks of bitterness. If you believe in this, you will get more women than the NAWALT guy due to your belief that all women are the same. This will lead to a new confidence in your abilities and the ability to brush off the negatives that happen in your relationships with women. AWALT makes you a better and more confident man, but it isn't real confidence because this belief hides you from the truth and provides comfort that you'll need to abandon if you want to be great. Although this is leaps and bounds better than NAWALT, it holds you back from developing any further because your answer for everything that doesn't go as planned is AWALT. No curiosity = No Improvement. This isn't the belief that you should have unless you're just now opening your eyes to the ways of women. Keep going

SWABTO - stands for 'some women are better than others. ' This mindset is much more superior than NAWALT and AWALT - if you've passed through the other phases first. Reason being, NAWALT is weak and AWALT forces you into a rigid mindset. With AWALT, you are held back by the belief that all women are the near same emotionally and if anything bad happens in your dealings with them; you won't ask any questions because you already have your answer. AWALT. With SWABTO, you are able to see that there are outliers and are able to have more fun, loosen up. and go with the flow a lot more. It also lets you see women for what they really are instead of pigeonholing them; however, the problem with this belief is that if you forget your teachings and get too comfortable, you run the risk of ruining everything. Game has a chance of running full circle on you and you may possibly become beta again - until she cheats on you, and you revert back to AWALT. Almost, but not good enough. Superlatives are always wrong - did you catch that?

The method i choose out of all of these is - NONE. NONE stands for neither of these. I have passed through the bitter phase. I've found that some women are better than others, but I don't subscribe to SWABTO because I'm not hoping for a unicorn - i have no optimism for women. I view each of them objectively and read as much as i can until i know their personality. I believe that women and men are carnal creatures. Women respond to absolute conviction as do men. If you have unshakable frame and absolute conviction, you will be able to seduce whatever sex you desire - you'll uncover much more hidden attraction. In today's world, women are less in touch with themselves. They are less cerebral, but more carnal. They rarely think past what they feel in the moment. Personally, if I found a woman that could i would think that she has either rode the carousel for years or just isn't into me as much as i'd like.

 Subscribing to any of the aforementioned acronyms will leave you lacking. What I suggest is developing standards and sticking to them. Make those standards realistic and based off of logic ie  total respect, sex machine, etc. Screen every single female of interest against those standards and never compromise them - do not help her fit your standards. The women that fall short, plate them. The women that fit your standards(after one year of consistently fitting them), plate her while giving her the hope of something more. Maybe even allow her to call you her boyfriend. Currently, i'm in the head space of not wanting to give women any commitment. I offer them the opportunity to work for a title, but i don't entertain hope of monogamy. I ask for the world and give very little in return. I'll never compromise my beliefs for a single woman, but if my belief limits me on a consistent basis, i'll change it.

In closing, Love isn't real - or at least what you think it is. Love is a tool to control you and a word to bind you. Love is a weapon for you to wield so you can weasel out of tight situations and get more out of your female of interest. Love is a game and women play to win. I play to win. Do you?

Stay Icy


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