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Women Are More Loyal Than Men

Loyal = giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution

Men have values and morals that they stick up to no matter what. If a man feels like cursing at a woman is wrong he most likely will never do it. If a man believes that cheating is wrong then he will most likely never do it. 

Women have no values. They have no morals. They only have their emotions. If society deems you a crook and a villain and all of her friends hate you, but she feels that you're the man for her. No one will be able to tell her anything whatsoever. If a woman is married and feels like there is another man that she will last with forever, no amount of money, begging, pleading, or dick can make her stay. 

Ever been in a situation where a woman wouldn't give you a straight answer to a question that you asked. She was being loyal to her emotions. She will not lie on her emotions in most cases. She will twist language in such a way that she can rationalize it as not a lie. For instance, saying that she wasn't cheating on you when you caught her fucking your neighbor but that she was riding him instead.

Some men will give up their morals and values for a beautiful woman. Their loyalty to their morals and values can be broken. Women, in my experience, will not lie on their emotions no matter what. You just have to be able to "hear" what they are saying. She will usually enunciate the synonym that she is using to misguide you. The better she looks, the better she is at twisting language to suit her needs.

Stay Icy


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