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Smooth vs Awkward Interactions

Soooo........ you wanna be good with women, huh? Want the secret? Screen. Screen like your life depends on it. Screen when the weather is nice. Screen when the weather is shit. Screen when you're feeling sexy as fuck. Screen when you're feeling an impending off day. Now with all of this screening, there's bound to be something super embarrassing (and hilarious) that happens to you. In this post, i'll break down the different type of interactions you'll come across.

Judging Women For Being DTF(Attracted to you)

A lot of guys that are new to interacting with women and know how they operate feel disgusted with their nature. This is because they have bought into the fairytale romance of today's world. Don't be that guy. In this post, i'll aid you in learning how not to judge women for liking you(being dtf).

The Matrix - Breaking Out of It

So you were raised by a single mom or a mom and a pussy of a dad and you believe in finding your one true love. The ideal woman won't cheat or entertain any other guy at any time. There will be no cheating and there will be effort from both sides.

Handling multiple mini 'relationships' - fwb

I don't believe in monogamy. I don't judge anyone, but the ice cold truth of the situation is that women don't believe in it either. That isn't to say that your life is doomed to just be a black hole of fuck with no feelings other than lust. The reality of the situation is that you may find many girls that are just what you're looking for at that point in your life. How to handle those situations though?

Text Game

In today's world, everyone texts. As a result, the redpill community and every other community has adapted. their take on the matter is to text as little as possible and to set up dates. In this post I'll explain to you how this is half wrong and half right. I'll also explain how to utilize texts to your benefit.

Eye Contact Screening

What's up dude. In the beginning, approaching anyone and everything is fine, but as you get more advanced and confident you'll need to be a bit more selective so as not to get banned from your hunting grounds too fast.

How many lays can I get in 14 days - Long Term Field Report

What's up, reader. I was working on a mini coding project and had an epiphany. I'm going to approach and screen as many women as I possibly can for the rest of this month to see how many times I can get laid and if screening is truly the best method for me. ------RESULTS------- Screening is definitely for me.

Going on the hunt all day

Today I'm going on the hunt. I love cold approaching, screening, and going for the kill. I'll be hitting all of the malls and other places that I believe people congregate during the day. So far I have no plans of hitting the night scene.

Your gut is all you have

Have you ever met someone that would give their life for you - or are you able to realize that you would be hard pressed to find anyone that would even come close to doing so? Your gut is all you have and it'll lead you to your best self.