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Breadcrumbs - Reviving Dead Relationships

Feelings and each interaction with a female have their own place in time. They have no bearing on the present or future. Each interaction is to be thought of as a clean slate. Having this mindset will help you be more successful with women.

In this blog  post, I'll explain to you why, how, and when you should toss breadcrumbs.

Why bother?  Relationships/LTRs aren't really relationships and Love isn't really love. They're an ongoing exchange of strong(good or bad) emotions for her and dick wetting for you - male readers. Once you meet her and get her number, chances are you can keep her around forever. Stop thinking of failed relationships as your fault or even her fault. They're no one's fault. She just went where her emotions took her. You should learn to do the same.  You should learn how to capitalize on bread crumbs solely to get your needs met - whatever need that may be and no matter how trivial.

How do you effectively use breadcrumbs? First and foremost, you'll need to have a goal in mind. What are you trying to gain from her? Are you horny, hungry, broke, etc. Here are the how-to steps with brief explanations or examples:

  • Contact her in a flirty way while investing very little - EX. send two blowing kiss emojis, send two winking emojis, send two surpised emojis
  • Gauge her response and classify interest level - did she respond with a question(high), did she respond with  flirty emojis(high), did she send a statement with exclamation marks(high), did she ignore(low), did she send a deadpan message(high) - 'hey' 'hi' 'whats up'
  • Regardless of how she responds, issue a statement requesting what you want - EX. let's meet up at 830, i'm hungry, you should whip us up one of your famous (food name here), come c me around 830, bring some shots over for us
  • Assume interest - If she responds at all then that means 'anything for you daddy'
  • Eject from the conversation - EX. 'c u soon babydoll', 'hope the (food name) will b good as last time peanut,' 'c u n a bit nerd(2 kiss emojis),' 'ill b over later big head(2 kiss emojis),' 'text me before you come over cutie'
  • Based off of her reaction(or whatever feels natural for you), use appropriate nicknames - High Interest: peanut, cutie, babydoll, babe(use sparingly).. Low Interest:  Big Head, Squirt, Nerd
  • Around meetup time, send a confirmation text - EX. 'let me know when you start dinner,' 'i'm otw,' 'let me know when you're otw,' 'let me know when you're ready'
  • Her response to the confirmation will let you know how successful your breadcrumb was. 

When should you use this method in order to be most effective? In order to answer that question, i'll tell you a few situations that I employ this method: 
  • Whenever I get the urge to fuck 
  • Whenever I am hungry and want some female company 
  • Whenever I view an attention-seeking snapchat 
  • Whenever I look through my messages and see unfinished business
  • Whenever I'm bored
  • Whenever I'm in the mood to blast through some lmr 
  • Whenever I see a sexy snapchat 
  • Whenever I receive a random text message from a female
  • Whenever I need some money 
  • Whenever I want a cheerleader for something awesome I did
Here are a few things you can do to make sure this interaction goes as smooth as possible: text back at the speed they do - or much slower, short messages, straight to the point messages, no questions, always keep your composure. 

Stay Icy 


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