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Going on the hunt all day

Today I'm going on the hunt. I love cold approaching, screening, and going for the kill. I'll be hitting all of the malls and other places that I believe people congregate during the day. So far I have no plans of hitting the night scene.

Goal: Break the boundaries of what's known as day game
Mindset: GOAT 

Listening to drugs and money by chase Atlantic. 
Just left the gym. Going to Walmart to see what's in there and to grab some water

Walmart had lots of people. Old people. Going to the mall 

Was sitting in my car listening to that song and saw a hottie trying to leave. Hopped out my car and grabbed her. She looked terrified lol talked to her a bit but didn't get the number. Boyfriend 

Hit on a hottie with a kid. She was about 34. Got the number 

Walked into a nail salon. Got blown out in front of everyone there

Grabbed a hottie. She was delicious. I walked her to her car and tried to hop in lol. Got her number and got a kiss on the cheek 

Saw a stupid fine chick in a TMOBILE store. Got her to take her break with me. We r going to Victoria Secret now. She's a Victoria Secret junkie. She wants me to hit her up when she gets off of work tonight. 

Back on the hunt 

Saw a hottie. Rolled up on her in her store. She was eating up every thing I said. Told me when she gets off she will text me. Which one is gonna flake? 

Saw a babe. Approached. Talked for a long while. Meeting up tomorrow. She's n for a treat. 

All done for today. Going to volleyball practice in a few 

Stay Icy


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