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How many lays can I get in 14 days - Long Term Field Report

What's up, reader. I was working on a mini coding project and had an epiphany. I'm going to approach and screen as many women as I possibly can for the rest of this month to see how many times I can get laid and if screening is truly the best method for me. ------RESULTS------- Screening is definitely for me.

Normally, I approach constantly and think nothing of my statistics, but for the rest of this month I want to track how often I get laid. I want to see if I'm screening hard enough so i'll continue approaching constantly and aggressively, but I'll pay attention to my stats. 7 new lays is the goal and if anything funny happens i'll post it below.

The challenge starts on 10/16/2017 and ends on November 1. The chicks numbers I have previously gotten wont be included on the approaches or numbers, but they will be included everywhere else. I'm screening hard as fuck. Get laid or get lost - no hard feelings babe. K love u bye

Results -
Approaches: 79
Numbers: 42
Hang Outs/Pulls to somewhere else:14
Blowjobs: 3

Funny Stories:
  • Approached a chick that was hot as fuck(easily a 9 in my book) after I saw her go into a separate store than the other two dudes that were with her. I approached her and proceeded to screen - hard. I held her hand for almost the duration of the convo and was rubbing her knuckles. As i'm thinking of where I can bounce her next, the guys appeared out of nowhere. Que? Lol. She introduced me and I told him that she was hot as fuck. He said that's his gf. I ejected and went to go hunt for more. I saw the group again with her in the lead and she led them into a store. We made eye contact but I stayed put. Two mins later she came out and gave me her number. She and her sister are going out tonight to celebrate something and I told her that i'll hit her up because i'm going too. She said 'please do' ...Game on, babydoll   ----- UPDATE ------- That night I text her and invited her to my spot the next day. She didn't flake and we had a great night ;-)
  • A hottie that I approached about a week ago decided that she was ready to hang out with me. I invited her to my spot and was met with a ton of questions. She ended up coming over and I immediately began escalating. I was met with super deep resistance. I persisted and screened even harder. I wanted to screen her out so I could work on my blog in peace. She didn't leave, but she did appear to be annoyed. I screened more and then started texting because my phone was getting blown up. I finished texting and screened even more... chilled for a sec.... and screened some more. The longer she stayed while I was screening, the more bold I got until I whipped my dick out and told her to touch it. She did and i told her to sit on my lap. More resistance. Eventually She stopped resisting and asked if I had condoms - of course, baby. Off to the races we go. Approximate time of resistance - 2 hours. 
  • Approached a hottie and proceeded to screen. She literally turned her back to me and did a step forward while she was still speaking. I immediately walked off. My gut told me to leave asap and terminate the interaction 
  • Just got done finished talking to a cop. He approached me all tough-guy-like. The whole time he kept saying how I'm free to go whenever and he just wanted to talk. According to him someone reported me. Twice. IOD's are a big deal lol 
  • So there was this girl i approached in her store at the beginning of this project. Very sexy. She was into everything I was doing but logistics were absolute trash. Not to mention that she never returned texts - so I assumed she wasn't interested. I was in the area of where she worked today and saw her. My mind said to ignore her, but my gut noticed her trying to get my attention (it was obvious as fuck haha) and carried my body to her. Heavy flirting/screening ensued. Plans were made to meet up after she gets off of work. She didn't flake. Potential lady friend that I may keep around. 
  • One of these funny stories is the sexy lady pictured below. I'll let you figure out which


  1. what happened with the first one? The "game on babydoll."

    1. She came over a few nights ago and there was very little resistance. Super fun girl!

      I'll definitely update that though.....Thanks for reminding me!


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