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Judging Women For Being DTF(Attracted to you)

A lot of guys that are new to interacting with women and know how they operate feel disgusted with their nature. This is because they have bought into the fairytale romance of today's world. Don't be that guy. In this post, i'll aid you in learning how not to judge women for liking you(being dtf).

So you've been reading all types of material and you're now clued in to the nature of women - you know how they operate. Now you're disgusted and you know that you can no longer trust women to be loyal to any relationship. After a bit of time and cooling down, you landed on this blog and now you're screening and finding dtf women left and right (you sexy fuck). You've been meeting dtf women that are married, taken, has children, etc. You don't respect those women because they're dishonoring their relationship. You're making a huge mistake and losing what could potentially be a great lady friend all because you "can't respect" a cheater. Listen, relationships don't exist. They're a fabrication that's perpetuated by the weak in order to hold you back and control you.

Mind your fucking business Stop being such a pussy.

That's not your girlfriend. That's not your wife. Even if she has had your kid, so what? She's just another woman. View her as someone special and you'll be putting her on a pedestal like every other 'boyfriend' out there. She was dtf (aka high interest) for you because you're sexy, fun, and you get it. Why are you getting all gay(no offense to my gay buds) when she's telling some other guy she loves him or texting him around you? So what? She's dtf with you so live in the moment.

A lady that you determine to be dtf is offering herself to you. You judging her is like spitting in the face of someone offering you a gift. It's kinda rude and kinda low value. Don't do it.

As a man that screens women, you're now high value. You're the creme de la crop simply because most men aren't screening women for dtfness. They're too worried about relationships that don't exist. When things go south (her flirting, cheating, or leaving), the guy is broken. He hates her and thinks she's a slut. Judging anyone is a weak trait. If something they do bothers you, leave and cut them out of your life. If you can tolerate it, shut up and do so. High value men don't complain with words - they simply don't tolerate negative situations. If sleeping with 'taken' women bothers you, read this article.

If she's a druggie, alchoholic, bad with money, dumb, too smart for her own good, making a huge mistake - let her be. You aren't her hero. She's exactly where she wants to be. Mind your business - while wearing a condom. The only thing you should be concerned about is if she's dtf or not.

Stay Icy


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