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Pushing too Hard - Getting Blown Out

In this post I'll discuss the how's, why's, and what do's when you get blown out

Wrestling is my favorite sport in the world. There are very few sports that allow you to physically dominate your opponent with no legal ramifications. I no longer practice the sport, but I am an avid watcher of it. In high stakes matches, most wrestlers wrestle a bit more conservatively. They are trying harder to not make mistakes. One wrestler in particular that goes for the big move every single time is Vincenzo Joseph of Penn State Nittany Lions.

Last season(early 2017), he won his first NCAA title by pinning the returning 2X NCAA Champ - Isaiah Martinez. Not only was Joseph facing a juggernaut that was expected to win, but he was a redshirt freshman as well. Throughout the match, Joseph repeatedly looked for big moves. He constantly tried throwing and tripping. Eventually the moment was right and Joseph tripped Martinez to his back and won his first NCAA title with a pin. It was fucking ridiculous!......But how does this tie into getting women?

In most cases, a woman will know almost instantly if she will ever want you. There's no need to try to 'build attraction,' 'make her comfortable,' or any of that other shit. What you want to do is find out whether she's dtf or not. You find this out by getting physical asap. Just meeting her? Shake her hand and place your hand on her shoulder. Been talking for a while? Say something sexual or get her to walk with you - to your car. In every situation, you need to be pushing the interaction forward (physically) so you can uncover whether or not she is dtf. This will save you time so you can spend it with women that actually want you.

 Getting blown out is one of my favorite things in the world.

After you've been screening for a while, you'll begin to get a sense of when you're approaching the answer of whether she's dtf or not. For instance, you're hanging out with a girl and you try and kiss her, but she pulls away and continues to hang out with you. After a while she may start giving off a vibe that lets you know that she's getting uncomfortable. You're nearing the truth. In situations like this, you need to turn it the fuck up about three notches!! She will either run away or she will be sooooo excited and happy that you BLASTED through the situation like that. She will either get laid or get lost. Either one is fine because now you have your answer as to whether or not she was dtf.

What happens when she gets lost though? Absolutely nothing. She wasn't interested in what you were offering so that isn't your problem. If she isn't dtf, maybe the next girl is.

Stay Icy


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