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A Transcendental Lifestyle

This post is for the uninitiated. This post is for the readers that are on the fence or the readers that haven't aligned themselves with the views of this blog just yet. For the more advanced readers, I will post more insight soon.

Love. What does it mean to you?

In the beginning, monogamy was created. The rules of monogamy were well established. Women or men who strayed were ostracized, demoralized, or beaten. In today's world, monogamy still exists.

Love is a peculiar emotion. Once in love, the heart dominates. It feels marvelous, it feels beautiful, it feels like you're floating on cloud nine. You're having the time of your life and life is just fabulous!

When you're around, she's doing everything she possibly can to please you. She sucks and fucks like no other. As a matter of fact, you almost don't want her to give you blowjobs because you respect her too much. In return, she never asks you to lick her pussy - for the most part.

If you were sick and needed her more than anything, would she be there? If you give your all, would she do the same? If you were approached aggressively by a sexy younger chick, would you give in? If she was approached by a sexy guy that screens for dtf women, would she be down for some quick fun?

Love transcends her desperate need for attention. Love transcends one night stands. Love transcends her getting pregnant by some guy. If she's in love with you enough, she will always come back - eventually.

Stay Icy


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