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Plausible Deniability - It Just Sorta Happened

In this post, i'll aid you in fucking all of the dtf women in your social circles, groups of girls you meet at the club, get threesomes, etc.

Most guys want to have a threesome at some point. Most guys don't hit on the chicks in their social groups and if they manage to fuck one, they don't fuck any of the other dtf chicks. Most guys who go approach a group have a hard time finding the dtf chick in a group. Most guys have no idea how to go about figuring any of this out. The answer is very simple. All you need is a bit of wit and the ability to screen.

In situations like these, you should NEVER say anything incriminating. Don't flirt verbally. Don't give compliments. Don't say anything that can be misconstrued by anyone when they go and gossip to someone else.

With your verbal screening tools neutralized, you're only left with your bread and butter - screening. Here are two situational examples that you can implement.

Say for instance, you see a group of sexy chicks having a few drinks. You walk up to the group and start talking about whatever the fuck you want. They're all listening and watching so you have no idea who is the most interested. Outwardly you're charming, they're laughing, and you're leading the conversation getting them all involved. Inwardly you're a conniving little shit. You're talking to all of them as you screen each one physically. You say a joke and as they're laughing, you have your hand on the tall one's thigh. She pulls your hand away and you tell a story about some bullshit that doesn't matter. As they respond, you move to the short one and put your arm around her shoulder and push your cheek to hers. She's laughing and enjoying that so you say some more bullshit and move your hand and start rubbing up and down her thigh. She doesn't stop you. DING DING DING. You tell the group that they're awesome and that you and the dtf chick are going to take a walk. Screen that pussy.

Say for instance, you're in another bar and you see two sexy chicks doing sexy chick stuff. You walk over and start talking about nothing. Outwardly you involve both of them in the conversation and show no favoritism. Inwardly you're once again a conniving little shit ;-).. You say something and they start laughing along. You put your around them both and they don't stop you. You say something else and they discuss it amongst themselves. Still screening you tell them that they argue like a couple. Their reaction is good and you say that you bet that they would make a great couple. They laugh and you say that the three of you would make an even better couple. They giggle and you're off to the races.

Infiltrating a group is easy. You will need a bit of charm to do it covertly though. This is a bit advanced, but can be done by anyone once they master the concept of screening. Screening is everything. Once you understand it thoroughly, you can start fucking with the nuances. Good luck out there. Love you

Stay Icy


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