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Sexual Tension

Sexual tension hasn't been covered much on the internet. From what I read, too much sexual tension is a bad thing. False. She just wasn't on the same wavelength as you.

Sexual tension can be two things: sexy/fun or creepy/awkward. Say for instance you are talking to a girl and you let your sentence trail off while your hand is on her hand and you're looking into her eyes with a slightly aroused look. Naturally she will start fidgeting, fucking with her hair, or squirming in her seat. The sexual tension is thick and heavy. She's getting wetter and wetter or more creeped out by the second.

Basically you will want to say as little as possible when you're trying to ramp up the sexual tension while looking at her or touching her. Always keep a slightly aroused look on your face. Eventually she will verbally acknowledge the sexual tension in the form of wondering why you're looking at her 'like that.' Don't shy away. Let her know what you're thinking ie 'because you're sexy as fuck.'

Eventually she will want to relieve some of the sexual tension that's built up between the two of you. Here are a few things that she will do:

  •  Break eye contact for longer than necessary
  • Look away for longer than necessary
  • Push you away (physically) - like a playful shove multiple times
  • Laugh Awkwardly and try to change the subject multiple times
  • Work hard to find something to talk about instead of letting the sexual tension envelope her

Sexual tension is very sexy. If you figure out how to do it then it's a great tool to add to your screening toolbox.

Eventually you will come across a chick that refuses to let you build sexual tension albeit unconsciously. A chick that talks a lot, won't look at you for long, or a chick that laughs about everything. For the chick that talks too much, tell her to 'shhhhhh' or put your finger to her lips in a shushing motion. For the chick that won't look at you, tell her to look at you or don't bother with sexual tension and proceed to screen. For the chick that laughs about everything, talk less and ramp up the verbal sexuality - it's quite possible that she's already super dtf already.

Sexual tension isn't covered much on the internet for some reason. From what I read, too much sexual tension is a bad thing. False. She simple wasn't on the same wavelength as you. Screening is the bread and butter to getting with women, but mastering sexual tension is a nuance that you cannot ignore if you want to elevate to the next level. Just remember that screening has to be mastered first before you worry about crafting your sexual tension skills.

Stay Icy


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