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Use your pussy as a weapon

Your pussy is powerful. Leverage it.

How to get free shit from men - without sex

If you don't know, you will.

Loser Girls

Effort is everything.

Loser Guys

Effort is everything.

The Art of Flexing

Mind Tricks For the Wicked - How to Be a Nice Guy

How to use an exploit for extortion purposes

Altering Reality

Stop talking so much

Power Moves

Women created the game, but you have the ability to destroy it.

How Many Lays Can I Get in June - Long Term Field Report

How to be a total piece of shit that drowns in pussy. I'm god of my world. Perception is everything.

Becoming a Drug

Ever heard of histrionic personality disorder?

Dread Game

Let's explore the meaning of this term, the benefits that can be derived from it, the underlying mindset, and how to actually utilize it.

Gauging Quality

Not all chicks are the same,  just 99.99% of them.