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The Asshole - Intro pt.1

Life's a pair of legs. Pry them open.

What's up, guys. Long time no see. I've been studying for ccent and messing around on robinhood. With the way robinhood is set up, swing trading seems to be the most viable option. Anyway, The Asshole is a 3-part series that will go over everything you need to know in order to exponentially grow your potential in the dating market via infamy. This first post is just an intro that's only meant to guide your way of thinking and prime you for further knowledge, but don't worry because nuances will be covered in the next three posts. Without further ado, let's get started.

Cocky + Funny. The connotation of those words is one of a playful dickhead. When things go wrong, you say something off-kilter, but with a smirk on your face. What this is meant to do is rile up your targets and get them going or to show that you actually have boundaries. For example when you're in a situation and you're being tested, you crack a joke at her expense. If she reacts in a good way, you proceed. If she reacts in a not so good way, you turn up the cocky. Cocky and funny will lead to a decent amount of success, but being mr funny man won't lead to getting the hottest of the hot chicks. There is something much more potent. What i'm referring to is becoming an asshole, but what exactly do I mean?

In today's world, 'asshole' has a fairly decent connotation. When a chick calls you an asshole, it's understood that she's complimenting you. That's cool and all, but what she means to call you is 'interesting.' Not necessarily attractive and not necessarily unattractive. This is much better than being an average dude, but nowhere near where you want to be. Why? In order to understand the reasoning for my statement you will need to know the true nature of women.

Society has been crusading against feminine traits for a while now which has seemingly led to more masculine and outspoken women. These women openly compliment men and show their interest in them. This is an aggressive stance and means that she's taking control of the interaction. Leading. If she's leading then she's logically thinking things through at the expense of just feeling. This turns her pussy into a desert. Now let's get back to when a chick calls you an asshole. Essentially, she's complimenting you and expressing her attraction. Queue the last minute resistance. In reality if you're the asshole that's dominating the interaction: there will be no compliments given to you, there will be no signs of interest from her (aside from her not leaving the interaction), there will be no green lights of any kind. What you will see is a set of blank eyes that are watching your every move, a shut mouth due to open ears, and a moist vagina that's available whenever you get the time. Females by nature are demure, meek, and submissive much like a mouse. As you up the aggression, you will receive much less compliments and green lights. To this day, I receive very few compliments or green lights quite simply because I don't look for them. I shoot blindly and full of intent. Become a predator and everyone else will become your prey. There's nothing playful about domination. 

Stay Icy


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