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Becoming a Drug

Ever heard of histrionic personality disorder?

I posted this in Nasty Dread Game:

Most women are just shells waiting for approval of the highest bidder. Their self respect can be placed on mute when they don't have the approval that they so desperately desire. The approval that they crave can't be from the weak. It must be from someone that is clearly(in their mind) better than them.

Basically women live for their fix of attention from anyone of value, but how do you build value in a woman's eyes?
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Ooo La La

Skyrocketting Your Value

  1.  Mindset - In order to be the best drug possible, you must have a clear mind and the ability to rationalize everything in such a way as to make yourself look good ie I got hit by a car because the driver was too busy watching my cock swing in these shorts. Also you must be well versed in misogyny so you can steal a few of their good traits. For instance, using words that have small connotation ie precious, cute, tiny, etc. Get it? 
  2. Arrogance - You're a king and anyone who tells you different just wants to be a king like you but they can't because they're a loser/nerd/homo/fag/pussy. Every chick wants you unless she's a lesbian, retarded, fat, or just too intimidated. 
  3. Master The Backhanded Compliment - This is basically using colorful language to mask you saying they aren't good enough ie Wow you would look absolutely beautiful today if your nose wasn't shaped like that. 
Building your value in a woman's eyes is simultaneously puffing yourself up while putting them down ever so slightly so that they feel like you're better than them. 

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Impressive, huh

The Hook

The aforementioned traits are more than enough to snatch up any hottie that you see, but now you must set that hook that will forever embed you into their precious psyche. 

  1. Create an Us v. Them Environment -  it's imperative that you use a few curse words that aren't directed at her as well as terms of affection when referring to her. It creates a bit of cognitive dissonance in her. For instance... "The world may not have your back, but fuck the world. It has always been and always will be us vs them babe. "
  2. Become A Drama King - Everything concerning you is a big deal. Lost your tooth brush? Ask questions frantically and loudly. 
  3. Emotional Intelligence - Learn to discern micro expressions, voice tonality, and nonverbals flawlessly. This will allow you to push her buttons without totally destroying her psyche
  4. Hypersensitivity to Her - Use your emotional intelligence to sniff out incongruities in her devotion to you. Once found, turn the mole into a mountain. Here are a few examples of incongruities: angling her phone away from you ever so slightly, voice dips when she says anything affectionate, shifting eyes when you become inquisitive about any topic, using an odd choice of words when speaking. These are all signs of deception that are hard for most people to detect. The higher your Emotional Intelligence, the deeper you can set your hook. 
  5. Hypersensitivity to Criticism - Sniffing out incongruities will give you something to call her out on. This allows you to create a situation where she must choose either you or whatever the other perceived problem is. Don't manipulate the choice. Let her freely choose your side to further deepen the hook. 
  6. Appear to Let Your Guard Down Occasionally - Randomly pour affection on her. Be free with your compliments and use "love" nonverbals. Let it rain down on her. If your hook is very deep, this sudden rush of endorphins will be enough to urge her to tears of happiness. Once the moment has passed, never speak of it again. If she brings it up, deny it in a matter of fact manner. 
  7. When She Threatens To Leave - Always call her bluff and let her go. If she hasn't contacted you in about three days hit her up and ask her why she hasn't called you. If she was serious then you will receive a proper explanation. Remedy her leaving by adjusting that aspect of your personality so as not to push her too far away again. Everyone has limits. 

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What are the consequences of skirting the line of morality? 

Stay Icy


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