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Nasty Dread Game

Dread game is cool but, let's spice this shit up.

If you haven't read my article on dread game and how to use it the clean way then you're missing important information that will make this type of dread game all the more effective. 


Most women are just shells waiting for approval of the highest bidder. Their self respect can be placed on mute when they don't have the approval that they so desperately desire. The approval that they crave can't be from the weak. It must be from someone that is clearly(in their mind) better than them. In order to climb above her use backhanded compliments freely, hold most approval, and issue dollops of compliments rarely. This will lead you to becoming like a drug.

Knowing how a weak person's mind works allows you to pawn them at will. 

Image result for pawn
This is an insignificant pawn

The goal of nasty dread game is getting what you want. While she's in your vicinity, you're looking for things that she does wrong so you can extort her. The things that offend you aren't important here. Manipulation is done best with a clear mind. Only so you can properly read her reactions to your treachery and so you can tone it down when she's close to her breaking point. When she fucks something up, verbally let her know what she did wrong and exaggerate how much it upsets you. At this juncture you should have her attention. Now is the time to let her know that you can't be with someone that hurts you every chance they get. Now you smack her with the punchline. Two choices here. 
  1. Make a dramatic exit and ignore her until she begs for you back - this gets her primes to give. When you decide to accept her back, tell her what you want that could potentially make you want to try again. Once you get what you want, gracefully accept it by minimizing what she has given you and by telling her that even though she's so terrible to you, you just love her so much and find it hard to stay away. 
  2. Use very colorful language and include what you want to extort at the end (helps to be well read in order to concoct loaded questions)- For instance, tell her how she doesn't love you like she used to and that you are starting to feel like she isn't the one for you because of this. Be sure to look very vulnerable, but watch her face to know how much bullshit to pour on. Keep pouring it on until she is defending herself, telling you that she didn't realize how much it hurt you, and apologizing while telling you that she will change. Now you must ask a few loaded questions in rapid succession to properly prime her. These questions should end in you asking for what you want... "If you loved me and was so sorry then how come it doesn't feel like it. In the beginning you used to do everything for me now you won't even give me money to go out anymore. Why won't you give me any money like you used to?" Her answer: "How much do you need?" Bingo.

Traditional dread game is to eliminate women that provide no value to your life. Nasty dread game is to extort what you want from the woman in question. 

99.99% of women will eat this type of shit up like catnip. Occasionally you will come across a quality woman that won't allow such simple manipulation to have any effect on her. How often does a quality woman come along though? Laughably seldom. 

Stay Icy


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