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Daygame Audio - DTF Detected

This chick was super hot, but super lazy in her sweats.

I'm strolling through walmart picking up a few groceries and I see this hottie. I roll up on her and plop myself directly in front of her while making direct eye contact. She starts to walk around me until I start speaking.

I inquire about her groceries to try and figure out a bit of information ie kids, husband, family, etc. I comment on her sweats while looking her up and down. She shows embarrassment. I call her cute as I throw my hand in front of her. Then i ask her name. She grabs my hand immediately and I lead the conversation a bit more.

Now I try and figure out logistics. Hers were kind of shitty. She asked me for my number and at this point i drop her hand and put my arm around her shoulders as i'm giving her my number. Hip to Hip.

I asked about her kids once more in order to see how tight her schedule will be in the future. I point out her tattoos while caressing each one just to see if she'll be dtf when I get around to visiting her home. She mentions hanging out later today and I don't respond due to the fact that I have a lot more on my plate at the moment - if you know what I mean. All in all, this interaction is playing out exactly how I want it to.

Stay Icy


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