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Daygame Audio - Walmart

Today I made it a point to record a few of my interactions.

Whats up guys. This audio showcases a lot of what I speak about even though it's only three minutes.

I was picking up a few items and saw a really attractive girl blabbing away on her cell phone. I bee lined straight to her and stood in her face. She stepped back and said "excuse me" like she thought she was in the way. LoL.

I told her what I was thinking - how hot and tall she is - and started trying to get her talking so I could figure out how to extract her. She mutes her phone and I begin to amp up the physicality so she knows what she's dealing with. I hold out my hand and she reaches for it and we exchange names.

After I got a feel for her logistics, I went for the extraction immediately (still haven't let her hand go at this point). I started walking towards the door. She hesitated and started asking for my snapchat. I gave it to her and terminated the interaction.

She strikes me as the type that will have a few questions for me to see if I'm going to pump and dump her. Time will tell

Stay Icy


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