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How Many Lays Can I Get in June - Long Term Field Report

How to be a total piece of shit that drowns in pussy. I'm god of my world. Perception is everything.

***EDIT 6/1/18***
Yesterday I made two hundred dollars from real estate. I won't be continuing this project anytime soon. Money is more important!
****END EDIT***

***EDIT 6/8/18***
I found a way to streamline finding probate real estate leads and will be revealing that method on on youtube. I found a way to connect to the executor and will reveal this easy method. Could make a wholesaler millions. Too much work for me though. I'll stick to landlording. Anyway, i'm back in this bitch and will be resuming the mission on 6/11/18! - video has since been posted. it's a three part series
*** END EDIT***

What's up guys it's your boy David in this bitch. It's been a while since I've conducted a personal experiment. The last one I did netted me 6 new lays in 14 days. You can read about that here. The last experiment I conducted was ruthless, but could have been a tad bit more ruthless as I was testing to see if screening was the mindset for me. This experiment will be conducted with as much ruthlessness as I can muster. From this experiment, I hope to gain more knowledge on certain things such as: do looks matter, am I as sexy as I think I am, am I ugly but have tons of confidence, does high interest ever change, are women dtf for anyone when they're horny or just me, how to better differentiate between a chick that sees me as a ten and a chick that is just horny in that moment, how to recognize when i'm on the verge of screening a chick out. These questions will be answered at the end of this month when I have gained more knowledge.

Here are a few ground rules that I have set for myself: 

  • Screen hard. Burn Every Single Set To The Ground ASAP or Get Laid. Do Not Calibrate. 
  • Lays only count for chicks I have never been inside of
  • Do NOT get lazy like last time
  • Funny stories will be posted at the bottom of this article as they happen
  • I will be including may 31 since that specific day of the week is very popular'=
  • Numbers will be counted as they enter into my line of vision. 

Without any further ado, lets get this bitch started

Me as a kid


Approaches: 7

Numbers: 3

Blowjobs: 1

Lays: 1

Funny Stories

  • Approach #4 - Received solid eye contact from a hottie working at Walmart. As she was ringing up my shit, I told her that she should come chill with me when she gets off work. I said this and all eyes in a ten foot vicinity turned to her. She denied me flatly by saying "nope." I started cracking up!
  • Created a machine that makes me forty dollars a day regardless of if i beat my meat 24/7. It's beautiful. That is what has put this field report on hold, but i will put on a show made for gods on the 28th in denver. stay tuned

GOAT Attire - Club Wear

May 31 - Ended up not going
Clark boots until I die
Chaps shirt exacerbated by an excncellent physique with 511 levi jeans. 


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