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Altering Reality

Stop talking so much

Previously I mentioned that women have learned to communicate to your inner self. Their words don't mean anything. They live by action, but have learned to communicate in such a way as to fish the strength or weakness out of men of interest. They poke and prod with shit tests until they have no reason to poke anymore. You can read more about that here.

By nature, most people are forthcoming with information. Ask them an open ended question and you will receive a ton of info. Most of the information you receive will be utterly useless, but what happens if that person has a dark streak and begins to reveal that to you? Most likely, you will begin to feel that they aren't adept at socializing. You will begin to distance yourself from them. Rightfully so, because a person like that is a liability.

Readers of this blog most likely know a lot more about women than most people, but if human nature is left unchecked it will cause you massive problems. As you interact with women and see some of the things you've read, you'll get a sense of being in the know and want to reveal a bit of information to the other party. Don't do this. You'll be killing the sexiness of the game and fucking yourself instead of fucking her. Why? Because you're an embarrassing liability.

The game is everywhere. There is no escaping it. The only way to win is to nuke it every chance you get. Be selfish. Be a dick. Be boastful. Be impatient. Be quick to kick a chick out. Be the jerk that expects. Be the asshole that assumes. Be full of your own shit because that's what you are - a ruthless piece of shit that drowns in pussy. Never speak of this blog. Never explain your emotions. Never speak of the chicks you've fucked. Never speak of your weaknesses. Never level with anyone until they earn your respect. Never see a woman as your 50/50 partner. Never speak of game to women or the uninitiated. Speaking of game is for spectators. Playing the game is for the wicked and sexy. Join the game and leave your ability to explain shit at the door. Coach yourself and use the world for affirmation until you no longer need it. Then fuck the world until you cant fuck anymore.

This is love

Most of the world begins their life on the lower end of the totem pole. The lower end of the totem pole tries their best to keep you there. They demand explanations, ridicule your growth, sabotage your plans, etc. Recognize the low quality people in your life and cut them off with no explanation. If you don't cut them off, eventually they'll do it to you. This small step will reaffirm your budding belief that explanations are useless. 

As you learn to stop explaining things, you will have no other recourse but to utilize your actions. You'll move with confidence. Your body language will be less needy and peasant-like. You'll begin to see how weak explaining looks. If your friends are uninitiated, they'll begin to respect you more and you most likely will become the head of the group. Now you're a natural alpha male. 

No one can know everything that goes on in your mind. No one has a right to demand an explanation from you. Protect yourself by not explaining and watch as this one small act propels you to heights you've yet to experience. Your lack of explanations will make you more enjoyable to be around. Others will begin to actually know you instead of knowing the smokescreen that your words create. Let the world marvel at your actions and discuss them among themselves. That no longer is your problem. You're focused on your goals and fucking shit up. 

Stay Icy


  1. the more I read about it, the more I hate human nature... I just hope we could get nuked all at once.

  2. Don’t talk like an idiot. You just haven’t
    learned how to enjoy things. Once you do, you’ll probably laugh or delete your post because you realized how silly it really was. People hate games and throw controllers around because they suck at them sometimes. Just take the time to learn how to play better. The better you are the more you’ll enjoy it. Everyone likes doing things they’re good at.

    Keep Calm and Stay Icy


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