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Making money online via sweat equity

What's up guys, It's me again.

As I was taking a break from real life business (i've created a machine that pays me 40 dollars a day to exist), I saw an ad on a real estate investor forum. The ad was about some motherfucker that made close to a million dollars by flipping real estate. Not just any real estate, but virtual real estate. I had never heard of anything like that so I was immediately intrigued and spent the next four hours of my life scouring the net for everything that I could read on entropia.

My research led me to download the game and make three dollars off of that shit in my first day playing. All I did was go to an area that no other newbie went to and fought monsters. It was grueling, but it paid. 1 Entropia Dollar is equivalent to ten cents usd.

There are very few ways for rookies to make money in this game without depositing any of their own. The money is made via hunting, mining, collecting sweat, etc. Once you are no longer poor, you can begin to control the universe. I will revamp this post as my knowledge expands.

P.S. This game is actually fun and it's easy to interact with others. I got some high ranking guy to throw me under his wing and show me the ropes. He likes my ambition - no homo

Stay Icy


  1. Update:
    Attached a debugger to the 64 bit client successfully. Started changing values (strings of all things) and the program shut down. Not sure if banned. x86/Intel asm


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