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Mind Tricks For the Wicked - How to Be a Nice Guy

How to use an exploit for extortion purposes

Narcissism Explained Through Imagery

There is an airplane that believes it is a spaceship ( the narcissist). The airplane will never be a space ship (ideal self image). As it tries to enter space, it will fall back into earth's atmosphere. After it is done falling, the airplane will use the thrusters (any stimulating situation created by something perceived as import) to boost itself up once more. As you can see the narcissist is clearly retarded. It doesn't realize that it isn't a spaceship(or won't accept it) or that it is completely reliant on the thrusters. What happens when the thrusters don't work anymore? Maybe they will work on occasion and give the airplane a burst (passing a shit test) into space. What happens if the thrusters realize their importance and manipulates this weakness for their own gain.

Keep in mind that no thruster will ever get the airplane into space as it is impossible for an airplane.

Childhood Explained

Any child that is raised by parents or a society that's ensconced in adoration from birth begins believe that they are an ideal. This creates a number of levels of layers in the previously mentioned child.
  • Surface - Child acts and speaks as the ideal that they have dreamed up. They have dreamed up an ideal because their environment has showered them with praise for doing nothing. The child isn't completely comfortable accepting the baseless compliments so it creates an ego to accept the bullshit. 
  • Below the Surface - The ego requires a great deal of effort to uphold. The child learns that the effort is easier to carry if there are other children of equal level that validate the existence of the ego; however, the child eventually begins to feel as if the validation of the previously considered equals would give their validation to everyone's ego therefore they are stupid (logic jump of a narc). The child begins it's search for more valuable peers, but the search never ends. Why?
  • Below Below the Surface - The child know deep down that it isn't the ego that it has constructed. It understands why the previously peers couldn't hail enough validation. The validation wasn't given to the child, but the ego that navigates the world for the child. Therefore it is fake......and still undeserved. The child knows this deep deep down, but what lies beyond this surface? (may cover later for $$$.) 

I said all of that to say this. Women that have anything worth looking at are raised to be narcissists, but narcs have a weakness. They're reliant on the external world's perception as that is what validates their ego as a real person. How do you exploit this weakness to extract shit?

Let's Get Nasty

Thank you Charles, very diabolical!

The previously mentioned child indulges in intense highs, but suffers from extreme lows. We are going to focus on the lows.

Every woman that I have dealt with over a longer period got snappy/was bummed out/was agitated/was frustrated/etc (anything that's not pleasant) at one point or another. This happens because they are beginning the process of being forced to acknowledge that they may not actually be a space ship. They are in search of a space ship to acknowledge them in any way. This is why they pitch random fits and have random mood swings.

Their search for a space ship has led them to you. Simply because you screened them ruthlessly (space ship shit). Eventually they come to you with their pissy/unhappy attitude. They do this because they have convinced themselves that you're not the space ship that you appeared to be ( gained your respect). Even if you're very daft, eventually you will notice the lack of femininity that you require. This is the perfect opportunity to get something from her. Seize the opportunity to get what you want. After you notice her attitude, tell her that you noticed that she is being more of a bitch than usual. Tell her she needs to take a few days to clean up her act ( maintenance issues) and to contact you when she has gotten her shit straight and remembers what you like(execute this while exhibiting any emotion - angry/sad/hesitant/etc/does not matter). She WILL respond vehemently - what she says isn't important at this point. After she finishes vomiting from her mouth, tell her that you don't have time for such a lost female. Let the weight of what you said hit her while watching her face passively. When she talks, shush her - everytime. Eventually she will shut up. Use this opportunity to show a sign of disappointment (shaking head while frowning, saying that she's a disappointment, etc). After you're finished shitting on her, tell her that there is a way she can remedy the situation - this is where you give her your demands. There is a 90% chance that she succumbs. I have found that hot bitches won't succumb the first few times and will force you to carry through with whatever punishment you have previously assigned to the offense before succumbing. Do it without mercy (mainly ignoring her as she is not a space ship and you only associate with space ships). In most cases, she will succumb and throw on a feminine/attractive/demure/polite/whatever you like facade because that's what she thinks other space ships like.

How is Exploiting Her Weakness Letting Me Be A Nice Guy

The belief of the airplane leads to it wanting to be accepted and good enough by spaceshsips. The airplane wants to be a space ship more than it wants to breath. If a space ship accepts the airplane as one of its own, the air plane is boosted to cloud nine temporarily. 

By placating a female and being around her while she isn't performing for you, you are creating a worse situation for yourself and causing emotional lows in her (as she assumed you were a space ship but your longterm acceptance showed her that you weren't). You ( space ship) are telling her that she ( an airplane)  is smarter than you. She thinks that she is smarter than you because you accepted her unhappy (airplane) behavior as space ship behavior. You kicking her out lets her know that her airplane behavior is unacceptable among space ships of your caliber. She isn't a space ship (feminine/doing what you like) so she is being rejected (not good enough). Other airplanes (weak men) won't reject her because they are airplanes as well (see punching above weight). Your rejection gives her hope. It lets her know that there are space ships out there that may potentially see her for what she truly is ( a space ship lol). Your remedy teaches her what space ships like. Your rejection lets her know how to act in order to convince a space ship that an airplane is a space ship.

Get nasty.

Stay Icy


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