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Power Moves

Women created the game, but you have the ability to destroy it.

If you're a reader of this site then i'm sure you're mostly aware of a woman's mindset. You understand that their ulterior motive for everything is to make sure that your value trumps theirs. They realize their motive through two predictable methods and they are:

  • Shit Testing - This is essentially throwing a verbal barb your way to see how you react. The verbal barb is thrown to see if you bat it away without blinking or if you get emotional. They come incessantly if the chick is hot, but there is a way to short circuit this aspect of her game and get past "her testing of the water" almost instantly. 
  • Intentionally Shit Testing - The aforementioned point describes innocent shit testing. This is done without malice. It's simply how she communicates beyond your facade - cutting the conversation to it's core. Once you have passed enough of her bullshit, she will begin her process of getting to know you. Getting to know you is a beautiful thing as she will learn the shit you like and do her best to mold herself around those things. Let's focus on the less beautiful side of getting to know you though. A female will intentionally/maliciously poke at you to see where your weakness lies. Weakness manifests itself as you getting emotional (sad, hurt, humbled, etc). Hotter chicks are very perceptive in this way. They will eventually sniff out your weak spots. Your reaction to the poking of your underbelly is everything that a female needs to know. There are only a few reactions that are acceptable. 
  • Everything that a female does can be tied to the two points above. Internalize them and you will be in the know.

Although females will maliciously shit test you, don't hold them in contempt for it. It isn't their fault. From birth they are showered with praise and gifts simply because the world has a soft spot for women. Women grow up expecting certain behavior from men. The common male behavior is weak and doesn't make a woman feel any type of way other than bored and drained. Eventually smart/hot women will understand that the common male behavior stems from their dick. They give women gifts and attention with hopes of having pussy gifted to them in return. Smart/hot women eventually realize that the actions of men are phony as fuck. At this point, they start ramping up the shit tests and eventually turn to intentionally shit testing as they now know what they're NOT looking for. They screen men through a screen that's created by other men. They do/ask for shit that a weak man would acquiesce to. They have no other recourse as they have learned that men don't speak and act with integrity. Being ridiculous is how they reach the integrity of men. Integrity of men can't be explained with words - only action. 

Now that you're clued in, let's short circuit everything

Let's nuke some shit

Power Moves

Emotions are honest. Emotions control everyone in very subtle ways. There are weak emotions and there are strong emotions. The only emotions that you want to reveal in an honest fashion are the strong ones; however, the weak emotions can be used for over manipulation at times (more on that later). Here is a list of weak emotions, why they're weak, and alternatives: 

  • Loss - Nothing is irreplaceable except your self and that's only irreplaceable to your self. Showing loss is weak because you are showing that you don't understand the previous sentence. An alternative to showing loss is to accept it and replace it like you never lost it. 
  • Sadness - This emotion is a result of allowing external circumstances to affect you. Sadness is weak because it's a useless emotion that will waste your precious time. Fix your sadness by focusing on the positives. You lost a leg? You still have a dick. Lost your dick? Now you have time to make more money. Lost your money? You still have the knowledge to farm it. Lost your knowledge? - How do you know?
Most weak emotions stem from these two. Eliminate them and you will have nothing, but positives. The positive emotions are:

  • Pride - Be proud of what you have accomplished. Bask in your own glory unabashedly. 
  • Arrogance - Get drunk off this shit. Feels great and the results speak for themselves
  • Aggression - Get drunk off this shit as well; however, know the law as bystanders don't understand the game that you're playing. See this post for more on that

Most strong emotions stem from a combination of these two. As you internalize these three, you will find that you are having too much sex and your dick may actually need a break. Congratulations - That is what others call drowning in pussy. Internalizing these emotions aren't the ultimate nuke though. They'll simply keep any female in your presence nice and feminine. 

Ok, enough dicking around. Here's the nuke:

Dread Game

See that ass? He's about to park it at another chick's house.

Females will poke you for weakness continually. Eventually they will find something that irks you. Now that you know why they do it, you can cheat it by crushing them with some dread laced with whatever emotion you're feeling at the moment. Here are a few situations to help you see what I mean: 

  • You're driving to a girl's house and she tells you that her house is too messy - PRIDE RESPONSE. Drive there anyway and get in those pants. ARROGANT RESPONSE. You're too good to respond to such bullshit. You go over there and fuck, then make her apology. AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE. Curse her ass out and ignore her for however long you choose or just block her, then fuck. 
  • You're in the car with a girl and she is testing you to the point that you no longer want her around - PRIDE RESPONSE. Park the car and tell her to get out. ARROGANT RESPONSE. Park the car and tell her to get out. Laugh at her while driving off. AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE. Park the car and tell her to get the fuck out and don't speak to you until she gets her shit right.
  • You're having sex and she stops you for some meaningless reason - PRIDE RESPONSE. Get dressed and dip. ARROGANT RESPONSE. Get dressed, call another chick, and dip. AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE. Aggression has no place in this situation. It will come off as Loss

Execute ruthlessly and without mercy. 

Stay Icy


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