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The Apex of Game - Charm v. Dominance

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What's up guys - it's me, David. 

I created a machine a while back that nets me 40 profit a day. This started in June. In the month of july, I will be searching for methods to double that rate. Needless to say, I have been afforded ample free time. That free time has led me to ponder many different things. This has led to questions that I have yet to find the answer to. The question that I will be discussing in this post is one that I have based my entire personality on. 

Charm v. Dominance - An Analysis Based On Experience


In the beginning, I had no direction. My success in school combined with my drive steered me away from the average pussy-boy; however, I eventually caught wind of BDSM. I'd previously never heard of a woman begging to get fucked so this was of immediate interest to me. I read what I could and latched onto the common theme that I saw in the doms - Dominance/Control/Administered Aggression/ETC.  At this point I began to maximize my dominant skill set via emulating actions and personality traits. I won't lie, my acting in this manner has led to many a submissive female. This was nice and all, but i still felt the need to improve my being beyond basic arrogance. I didn't feel content by conducting myself in this manner. 

Conducting myself in this manner made me feel very stiff and rigid in my actions and demeanor. Being extra dominant relied on being mostly unreachable in most instances. Boring and no space to react and indulge in emotions. This mindset and set of actions left much to be desired. Although this is the most common way that men who get laid a lot act, there is a personality to trump simple dominance as dominance relies on non-positive emotions e.g. fear, dread, loss, etc. Those emotions are very powerful, but they are nowhere near as strong as the motions that humans operate by.


From a young age, circa 2010, players/charmers/womanizers dominated the scene. Lloyd, trey songz, ne-yo, etc. I modeled myself after these because they looked like pussies, but still could take my girl from my dominant possession. This was no big deal to me( a high schooler), as I correctly assumed that they knew something that the average person didn't. Please note that charm, evoking nice emotions, isn't being subservient to anyone. It's simply pushing their buttons in the most beautiful combination, as far as the target is concerned , but how did these guys do it? I reasoned that they were tapping into the human psyche that all humans share because at the end of the day, we are all the same. I was right. 

I eventually began to wonder what desire/impulse/need/etc ties all humans together. I wanted to know how to invade the hearts of others and place myself in a spot that's impossible to dislodge. What emotion is impossible to shake? What makes someone irresistible? How to enrapture the mind, body, and most importantly the soul? I learned that dominance only controls the body and partially the mind. It isn't an enjoyable experience and results in mild Stockholm syndrome which isn't ideal as it leaves room for error. I had this very same thought some time ago which has led to me discarding the concepts of AWALT and some other shit. Deep down, I knew that there was a guy somewhere out there that could take my "girl." Now, I always understood that someone could take my chick, but I also understood that I could get another with just a tad bit of effort and time so I was never worried. Since I have always had an obsession with self improvement, i simply wanted to know what they were doing to be so seductive. 

Needless to say, I figured out what it was. I have tested my theory semi-thoroughly. I have altered my actions (and am in the process of rewiring my thought patternt).  This has led to me being swamped with personal relationships lately (along with a few dating website bots that I created to message everyone). It's all(mostly) due to charm. I am now a believer that charm + action is everything. I have never seen such success from my efforts. The secret to the heart of everyone is right in front of you. It is a very unnerving realization as you are also susceptible to this phenomenon as am I; however, I am not afraid because most people will never figure out how to exploit the human weakness and if they do, my human nature will force me to love them for it. A very sexy concept for all parties involved.

Stay Icy


What's up guys, so i've been testing this little theory of mine out and I prefer absolute dominance. Caring about anything other than results isn't in my nature and goes against my archetype. It also feels very pointless being nice to people. I prefer to dole out my kindness as a reward for good behavior. Dominance until I die. Case closed. 


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