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Loser Guys

Effort is everything.

This is the brother post to this post. 

Stay in the game long enough and you will see that there are many types of guys that get the game. Some are rich, some are poor, and some are climbing. Long-term poor guys are the friends that you want to avoid.

Let's enter the mind of poor men before I tear into them. Poor men are many things. They are:

  • Lazy - Why? Because they aren't improving their situation. Why? They believe that shit will be handed to them or they're not knowledgeable. 
  • Stupid - Why? They don't read books or research individuals for clues of their success. Why? Books are lame and who cares about their life. Translation: Hopeless. 
  • Weak - How? They will forever be fucked by the justice system or they'll learn to stick to the shadows. How is that weak? Fear isn't a man emotion. 

The world has taught me that the measure of a man is ruthlessness(game), ability to make money, and power. I have yet to meet a man that didn't know/agree with this.

Jay-z's mind is amazing

Any guy can learn how to get money. What's the difference between Jay-z and another that doesn't know how? Effort. He put in effort to learn how to make money. He put in effort to learn how to grow his money. He put in effort to control his destiny. Effort is to be respected and enabled. 

Almost every new male friend that you chill with that's worth a damn will do his best to flex his top attributes ie share his value with you. That initial effort is a way of bridging the gap and is to be noticed; however, eventually there will be no more attributes to share. That is a problem as there is infinite knowledge to be shared. At this point, what was once a valuable individual has become a leech. Why? Self improvement leads to a constant stream of new knowledge. If you're improving and sharing knowledge that will make your friend better, it is to be expected that they do the same if they want to remain in close contact with you. 

It's all a game and his lack of knowledge/hunger for knowledge lets you know that he is not to be trusted/respected.  If you aren't seeing 100% effort towards self improvement at any point in time, call him out on his weakness (just to give him a chance) before you kick him out of your life. 

Stay Icy


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