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Correcting Her Faux Pas

Sometimes things go wrong and it isn't big enough to cut her off. Let's handle that.

If you have worked to improve yourself then you have undoubtedly reached the pinnacle of your previous social circle and have moved to another that fits your new standards. As you improve yourself, you'll find yourself embarrassed by some of the things that females do that were previously acceptable to you. For instance, your past self was okay with a chick telling you that your pants was ugly whereas the new you sees her negativity as something that should be shit on. Being embarrassed/annoyed/agitated by something she does is a great sign. It means that you have standards that she isn't living up to. 

How to handle it

In this section, I will detail a few ways to handle a female that isn't on the same level as you. I'll also provide an effectiveness rating. Note: the higher the effectiveness rating, the more polarizing you become. The more polarizing you can be, the more likely you are to reach how she truly feels about you. good or bad. 
  • Calling her out with concern - The good news is that calling her out takes balls that a lot of guys don't have. Kudos here, but calling her out with concern is akin to a snake biting you (without fangs). Effectiveness - 4. There is a good chance that she makes the same "mistake" in the future. 
  • Calling her out with concern with a small action - A small action is something like ignoring her for a day, refusing her sex for a few days, etc (anything passive aggressive). This is a very nice reaction because what guy ignores a chick or refuses her sex? Effectiveness - 5.999991. This method is better than the previous one because you are actually causing her pain which in her mind matters a lot. Remember: solipsism. 
  • Calling her out and give her a disgusting tongue lashing - There are three steps to this process. First, you must clearly and objectively explain what she did wrong and how she can fix it. Second, pause and take a deep breath while she braces herself for your wrath. Third, destroy her verbally. Give her your worst here and let your anger say whatever it wants to. Hint: prey on insecurities. "how can you be so fucking stupid." "why the fuck do I deal with you." "this is why your ex left you." "you're so fucking embarrassing. I cant keep letting you fuck up my life." It's very important that you don't let her get a word in at all. Notice the use of curse words, blaming, and rhetorical questions. Effectiveness - 8.5. She is unlikely to fuck that situation up again if you lash her viciously enough. 
  • Calling her out then getting physical - Getting physical is the ultimate display of dominance and shouldn't be used freely as it is illegal (and I don't condone it ;). There are three steps to this very corrective process. First, let her know that she fucked up and how she should have fixed it (be calm here). Second, you must pause and gather your wrath. Third, let that shit rain on her. Ways to let it rain? Slaps on her head/cheek/stomach/thighs, make her do push ups, push her against the wall, throw her on the ground and stand over her. Effectiveness - 9.2. The only thing more powerful than this is physicality mixed with drug use which is not something that will lead to any type of stability. 

Improve yourself in every way that you can and punish any female that wants to be around you for the faux pas that you notice. In the end, she will thank you for making her a better person. What level of punishment can you stomach dishing out? 

Stay Icy


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