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About Me

Hi. I'm David and I like to program, fuck, and make money. My ambitions include taking over the world, skirting pointless responsibility, pushing boundaries, and automating whatever I can. My favorite type of phone is blackberry. I believe everyone will either love you/Friend/DTF or hate you/Foe/NOT. I also believe that everyone is a shark or a minnow. Which are you? I consider myself to be a shark, but above all else i'm a fucking rockstar.

I made this blog because I have insights that I couldn't find elsewhere on the net. With that being said, I'm taking life on a joyride until i get killed or jailed.

Stay Icy


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What's up, reader. I was working on a mini coding project and had an epiphany. I'm going to approach and screen as many women as I possibly can for the rest of this month to see how many times I can get laid and if screening is truly the best method for me. ------RESULTS------- Screening is definitely for me.